Partnering with Community Health Practitioners, Nurses and Caregivers

By partnering with these professionals, we are able to bring high-quality preventive care and support to communities across rural Nigeria.

How we work with Practitioners

Partnerships are key to improving the health and well-being of rural Africans. That's why we work closely with a wide range of partners, including healthcare practitioners and providers, and government organizations, to bring affordable and accessible health insurance and preventive care to the people in rural communities across Africa, beginning from Nigeria.

  • We collaborate with healthcare providers and facilities in peri-urban communities to provide access to quality healthcare for our users in rural communities

  • We have a network of healthcare providers and facilities across rural and urban communities, which gives our partners access to a large and growing market

  • We share data insights about the health needs and preferences of people across rural communities with our partners to help them develop more effective and targeted products and services

  • We work with government organizations to support the development of healthcare infrastructure and services in rural communities to foster care

Are you a registered medical practitioner, and you enjoy doing what you do best

Join our network of caregivers and get paid to help us achieve our goal of providing affordable and high-quality preventive care to those in need while saving millions of Africans' lives. Let's build a career together!

Our global partners...

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